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Best Travel and Everyday Clothes For Men: Performance, Style, and For Almost Every Occasion

When it comes to shopping for men’s clothes, the number of brands and options is staggering. In 2019, men’s clothing hit $9.3 billion in annual sales in the United States. That’s a lot of money being spent to buy new clothes. The problem for the consumer is we are buying several different types of clothes depending on the activity. We need clothing for the office, travel, and outdoor adventures.

But what if you could save money by purchasing quality over quantity, without sacrificing performance or style? What if you could buy men’s clothing you could use for all of your activities? What if we ditch single-use gear and embrace minimalism through multifunctional gear? We haven’t made it to the point where we are hiking up a mountain in a three-piece suit, but luckily we don’t have to do that for a wedding. Although as I think about it, that would be pretty cool. James Bond wore suits every day and did everything...hmmm?

Anyway, what does this mean for us? It means we don’t have to buy new or additional clothes to go to the office, travel, or head off on an adventure. If it’s good for us at home and we look good in it, then it is good for travel, too. Not only that, but by combining hiking and fashionable clothes together, you are saving money by not spending more and you will be the best-dressed hiker! You are also saving money on baggage fees if it’s lightweight and easily packable.

Man wearing shirt and pants walking

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If you need to refresh your wardrobe, or if you are like me and want a minimal amount of clothes without compromising the way you look, then I have the brand for you. The company is called Western Rise. I started purchasing Western Rise clothes when they had their Kickstarter in 2018 and I still love everything.

Here are the things I consider when buying clothes for most occasions.

Performance Clothing: What to Expect Out of Your Clothes

When it comes to clothes, performance is key. Today, clothes need to stand up to the same demands that we put on ourselves. I’m talking about being lightweight (a bonus for travel in your backpack), wrinkle-free (for our busy schedules), and breathable (for our comfort).

What about other features like a large phone pocket and zipper security pocket in your pants? Or stretchy material and a gusset (think an added feature to strengthen the clothes and allow them to move with you)? What if the clothes were moisture-wicking with both water and stain resistance? When you also add in quality, comfort, and durability, we are talking about the Swiss Army knife of clothing.

What about for cold weather? For me, these clothes are just as good. All I do is add on a merino wool base layer underneath my clothes.

Man in water wearing shirt and shorts

Style: Trends Change But Style Remains the Same

The options for stylish performance clothing have improved. Let’s be honest, we want to look good in our clothes. Being a well-dressed man opens doors for you. We are not talking about special occasions; that is not a part of this equation. When you have to wear a tuxedo, there is no replacing it, except maybe a black suit…if you’re lucky. The good news is that the dress code for work and social situations has been relaxed, but it still needs to be nice looking.

The great thing about Western Rise is that they are multifunctional. They can look dressier with a button down or quite casual with a T-shirt. If where you are going is appropriate for jeans, these are also appropriate. In fact, you can use them for more formal environments where jeans are not appropriate. When it comes to travel and everyday wear, I don’t even pack jeans anymore.

Travel Clothes: A Modern Approach

Previously, our idea of "travel clothes" was hiking clothes or outdoor clothes. We knew that we wanted something that would perform well as we covered this beautiful world, but the choices were limited, unfortunately. Our options were mostly hiking clothes with big pockets in earth tones, baggy fits, and a ton of zippers. We would end up buying outdoor gear and calling it travel gear when we were looking for clothing that could perform. The great thing about Western Rise clothes is they are ultralight, extremely packable, and they replace several clothing items. Not only that, but you don’t need to wash them for a couple of days, and when you do, they can easily be washed in the sink and hung up for quick drying.

Man playing soccer on beach

Western Rise and Their Customer Service

Western Rise designs clothes based on people who wear the clothes rather than just making and selling what they think people want to wear. At the forefront is a true appreciation of performance, travel, and style. They also have dedicated staff who answer emails with their names -- at least that is my experience. Whenever I have had an issue, the customer service is spot on and the issue is resolved quickly.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

What clothes did I bring on my journey to hike the Appalachian Trail this year (2022)?

  • Versa Hat - packable hat that is waterproof and flexible

  • Movement Shorts – movement is the key when hiking the Appalachian Trail and these shorts are perfect. The side pocket for my phone is great when I need to look at a map or take a picture

  • StrongCore Merino Boxer Briefs

  • Evolution Pants – pants to hike and to wear in town

Spending money on quality over quantity has always worked for me, and when we can combine looking good with performance, we can’t go wrong. You can see that I’m a big fan of Western Rise. I think you will be, too!

Man hiking in pants and shirt in mountains
Me wearing the Evolution Pants

If you are interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail, check out this post to get you started.

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Great sell, I’m sold. You look super !


Lenny Lagdamen
Lenny Lagdamen
May 08, 2022

Thanks Stephen, this was quite informative. I will eventually buy some items you are advising on and also hop on the Merino wool bit that you do.

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