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Upgrade Your Fall Wardrobe: Guide for Men’s Clothing in 2022


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Whether you are going on a hike, traveling the world, going to the office, or adventuring in your town, men have always needed to buy several pieces of clothing for each activity. Our closets are full of clothing that we wear only for certain occasions. Can you imagine wearing adventure or performance clothing, like hiking clothes, to the office? NO, this would certainly have given you some raised eyebrows!

What about when we travel? We need lightweight travel clothes that pack small and are comfortable. Our everyday clothes don’t have this function.

But, what if we could find clothes that matched ALL activities, that won’t compromise our style or performance and can be put in an airline overhead container…and be the same clothes!

Man packing bag

Let’s be clear – we need clothes that are stylish, lightweight, comfortable, water and stain-resistant, have maneuverability, easy to wash, durable, and pack small when we travel. AND, we want to look good in them too!

The clothing brand Western Rise was created with this in mind.

**This post contains affiliate links and On the Move with Liza and Stephen will be compensated if you purchase after clicking on our links, with no cost to you.

Western Rise is the Swiss Army Knife of men’s clothes!

Western Rise has built innovative, high-performance clothing to redefine how you dress for travel, work, and play.

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Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Man wearing pants

The world’s most versatile pants for travel, outdoors, and your everyday. Built with 4-way stretch, dirt & water resistant, stretch waistband, and a zippered wallet pocket.

Man wearing pants

The perfect everyday t-shirt. With a heavyweight, moisture-wicking cotton blend, and a 3-day odor resistant treatment, the X Cotton Tee is all you need.

Man wearing pants

The Session Sun Hoodie is a lightweight layer that provides sun protection and is ultralight. Like all clothes from Western Rise, it has to be multi-purposeful. The Session Sun Hoodie is no exception. It is both an outdoor layer and travel layer. Not to mention that it provides UPF 50+ protection, dries quickly, is odor resistant and comfortable.

Man wearing shirt

The Strong Core line from Western Rise is versatile, comfortable and looks and feels great. The merino wool material is great for both indoors and outdoors without making you feel overly warm. When its cold, it’s a great layer to have as a layer to keep you insulated. The Strong Core Hood is also great to wear on the plane especially when you want to tune people out.

Man wearing shirt

The Limitless Merino Button-Down shirt is the perfect shirt if you need to travel, go to work, play outdoors and for every day use. This shirt replaces several shirts and doesn’t wrinkle or smell after a couple of days wearing it.

Consider reading best travel and everyday clothes for men to read more about my review on Western Rise.


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